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What’s it like to wake up every day and be able to work for the leading final expense sales team around? Hear it straight from the agents in the field! 

“Last week, I met with a lady and her three daughters. All of them were quite sure that mom had at least $15,000 of whole life coverage that they could count on for final expenses but they had no idea where the policies were.

So, we called the company they knew the monthly payments were going to and found out that what mom really had was:

-a term plan for $4,500 set to expire in 3 years
-a $500 2-year-wait graded whole life plan that had only begun last month
-a whole life plan, worth $7,500 For all of this, the payment was just over $72/month.

I qualified the mother for a brand new, day-1 benefit, whole life plan for $25,000 to replace all the other plans.

I was able to do this with a very highly rated insurance company, (not a sketchy cut-rate fraternal), and the daughters were so happy that two of them took out plans of their own plans and put their kids on those plans as child riders.

I know that when it comes time to deal with the death claim, hopefully years from now, the daughters (who were all equal beneficiaries), will be very thankful to have not only the increased amount of money, but the peacefulness of knowing the exact amount of money to expect.

Oh, and the commission…the monthly premiums for everyone in the house: $203/month, on an entry level contract that is an advance of $1,735, a year from now that’s another $578. A brand new agent would make a total $2,313…that’s real money!

This was a fraction of my week of working 14 of our $29 leads. I also sold a day-1 benefit plan that was another $40/month And another plan for $78/month.

$203 + $40 + $78 = $321
A brand new agent will be paid a total of $3,659 for this effort. Minus the $406 for lead cost and that’s a net of $3,253. Not a bad week, not a bad week at all!

Helping people, and getting paid well to do so, I love it!”

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