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Leads = Opportunities

Most agents need a pipeline full of 20-40 brand new, fresh leads every week to be successful. Our lead system provides this level of opportunity to each and every one of our agents using our lead sources & our proven system.

What could you do with this level of lead power?


BFI puts you in the driver seat when it comes to your commissions. All of our agents have a choice as to what level they start at and that level depends on what you need from us.

  • If you want a super high contract and a great system to plug into, we have you covered
  • If you need leads and cannot financially bear the cost for them, we have you covered
  • If you need a tested, proven, and diverse method of obtaining leads, we have you covered
  • Whatever you need, our goal is to have you sitting down with 10-20 people per week and closing half of those, at least!

We look for our full time agents to average $3k – $6k per week of annualized premium, and no matter what lead system you utilize, we want to see you netting $1500 – $3000 per week of actual money in the bank!


Visual learner? You can download, stream, and order DVDs of our video training. We record our events to give you the latest expert advice.


Maximize drive-time with our audio library. All the crucial topics¬†for final expense agents are covered in our 100’s of hours of audio.


Your manager will walk you through our training step-by-step, help you set and track your goals, supply weekly training kits, and keep you motivated and on task.

What are Final Expense Agents Saying?


I now decide how much my time is worth. It is a freedom that I have never enjoyed before!

David H, IN

Agent, BFI

I found the leads program to be very effective. They are fresh, untouched by any other agents and are not gong to go to any other agents. BFI trains you well so that most leads are great leads.

Randy B, AR

Agent, BFI

As an independent agent you have the freedom of choice to do business with the companies that work the best for you and clients. Freedom leads to more success and happiness.

Nathan N, TX

Agent, BFI

In March 2016, after all business expenses, I netted approximately $7,500.

Cherlene C, IN

Agent, BFI

But Wait... There's More!



Our invitation-only events are packed with intensive training, networking opportunities, and sales tips from experienced field agents.


Want to jump start your career in final expense? Use the scripts we’ve developed in conjunction with our top producers to start banking today.


We’ve developed tools to help keep you in front of clients, minimizing your paperwork. But tools are useless without training. We have both.

All Training & Resources are FREE to BFI Agents!