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“Rodney, you home? Good, Christopher is coming over to get you the insurance that you need.”

As she hung up the phone, I smiled. Mama had sold another life insurance plan for me. Rodney is 42, his Mother, 68. Rodney is an adult with a good job and a family. Rodney knows his Mama cares and does what his Mama tells him he needs to do.

When I met with Rodney, I did indeed get him and his wife and kids set up with a great insurance plan. After we were through, Rodney’s wife called her parents after asking me if I would mind making the hour long drive to go see them. I said it would be my pleasure, made the drive, and made two more sales.

I sent Rodney’s Mother a thank you card in a box along with a scented candle and a bag of dog treats for her beloved Chihuahua, Rex. She sent me a card back thanking me for helping her whole family!

What a feeling! What a great day! 

Do you have those kinds of days? 

I hope so, if not, we have to talk! 

My next conference call will be Monday, February 20th and I want you to be there!

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