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Life Insurance Awareness Month Bullet Points

Life Insurance Awareness Month is on, and with it, a renewed focus to the future financial needs of your loved ones and family. Contact Barlow Family Insurance for a policy review, and equip yourself with the perfect policy for both your wallet and family’s... read more

Self Driving Technology Gets A Go Ahead From House Of Reps

Are self driving cars a thing of our near future? Testing has been on and off over recent months, with laws and regulations making it tough for the technology to be properly implemented, but that may be a thing of the past with the House of Reps’ giving the OK... read more

Navigating Insurance Claims Post-Hurricane

Hurricane Harvey has left it’s lasting impression on South East Texas, with repairs and recovery just now beginning to take place; all this just as another massive swath is being projected to hit the Florida area in coming days. Following disaster there’s... read more

Happy Labor Day From Barlow Family Insurance

Is it time to channel you career path into something lucrative and fulfilling? It’s time to link up with Barlow Family Insurance and get the backing you need to find success in final expense sales! Get the latest news from Barlow by following them on... read more

What Do Single Parents Need To Know About Life Insurance?

Being a single parent leaves a lot on the table for your daily routine, and I bet putting thought into life insurance doesn’t take up much of that time. Planning for future circumstances are even more important, though if you are all your children are relying... read more

Individual Life Insurance vs. Workplace Life Insurance

73% of American’s believe that the workplace should provide some form of life insurance, and the latest numbers are showing a slight rise in the workplace coverage, with it surpassing those with individual life insurance for the first time in 50 years. “A... read more

Life Insurance Can Work For You In More Way Than One

Life insurance isn’t just for your family’s future, there are a number of applications that an insurance policy can provide benefits for… “Life insurance is primarily used as an asset that will provide a death benefit to the beneficiaries upon... read more

Final Expense Insurance Needs Vs. Life Insurance

Setting your family up for a financially secure future after passing is the last loving gift you can give to your family. Avoid the impact of unplanned for final expenses draining your loved one’s finances, get insured with Barlow Family Insurance, today!... read more

How Can A Genetic Test Affect Your Life Insurance

Have you ever taken an online genetic test where you sent away for lab testing? How could those results come back and affect you in the future? “Australian insurers can increase premiums, exclude insurance cover for certain conditions such as cancer, or refuse... read more

What Does Your Student Loan Mean For Life Insurance?

If you were to pass away with hefty student loan debts left unpaid, what would happen to that balance? Would it just vanish? It’s possible, but there are likely going to be some implications if anyone else has ties to your debt. Life insurance can be an... read more

Get Your Life Insurance Review With Barlow Today

What legacy will you be leaving for your family after you pass? It’s a tough topic – but hashing out your final expense and family’s future is vitally important. There’s a lot that goes into the planning of your family’s future, but there... read more

Did You Get The Full Show On The Solar Eclipse?

A full solar eclipse show can be a once in a lifetime event for many, and from Oregon to South Carolina in a 70 mile wide path, onlookers lined up for the full show. If you weren’t able to catch the full eclipse ABC News has the full show for you: “For a... read more

Grow Your Career In Final Expense Sales

Barlow Family Insurance is your connection to the best sales resources around, to help you grow your brand and turn your sales career up – into high gear. Check in with Barlow Insurance on Google+ and keep up to date with the latest news and updates.... read more

Barlow Family Insurance – Now Recruiting Agents!

Don’t get left behind in the final expense sales field, join the team that will help you pave a road to success! Sign up for a chance to land your spot in the industry’s top team – Barlow Family Insurance, where they are building champions every day!... read more

How Does Climate Change Play Into The Insurance Industry

Climate change and mother nature’s wrath may be putting a bullseye on your possessions, but as flood, tornado, and hurricane prone areas are likely to see losses over the upcoming years, how is the insurance industry going to acclimate? “A recent industry... read more

Should You Be Eyeing Term, Or Whole Life Insurance?

Term or whole life insurance? What’s the right answer for your family? There’s more to be known than what can be seen on the surface – be sure you understand how your needs will change as time passes… “When first purchasing a policy, many... read more

Barlow Family Insurance – Fueling Sales Careers

Are you ready to fuel your sales career? Barlow is building the foundation for agents to succeed, with the highest quality leads, amazing training, and the resources you need to make the most of your final expense sales career. Get the latest news from Barlow by... read more

Genetic Testing And The Insurance Industry

Genetic testing is becoming a more commonplace in the health industry, and the possibilities it provides are incredible, but what does predicting a person’s future medical and health needs do to the insurance industry? “If a genetic test could tell whether... read more

Is CVS Charging More For Those With Insurance?

One woman in California ran into an interesting discrepancy when she visited her CVS to fill her medication prescription. She claims in her lawsuit that the company was charging more for the same product due to the fact that she had insurance… “The... read more
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