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What a great week! Even though many of our top agents were at our Dallas training event, these five led the way!

  1. Ryan K. In IN led the team with 14FF, 8 sales for $4670.40 of AP on just his second week in the field!
  1. Fred K. in MO went 8FF and 8 sales for $4281 of AP!
  1. Jay A. in NC, back from being sick, and back to his normal fantastic numbers 7FF 6 sales $4068.72 AP!
  1. Ron E. in AR, BIG sales, 4FF, 2 sales $3545 of AP!
  1. Glen S. in NV, one of the hardest workers on the BFI team, 16FF, 11 sales, for $3479.13 of AP!

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