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Agent Resources

Training Calls

All Times are EST – Eastern Standard Time 

BFI Training Call: 

Day: Wednesday

Time: 11am 

Phone #: 805-309-2350

Code: 227569#

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Posting Weekly Numbers or Updates

Email to: BFInumber@BFILife.com

When: As soon as you are done working for the week, by Saturday 10:00pm your time

Include: # of F2F, # of Sales, Total AP$ & # of CFG Apps along with any questions, training needed, or suggestions

If you are a new agent and haven’t started in the field yet, be sure to send weekly updates

Include: update on what you have completed in the week and what you plan to work on the next week along with your tentative date you plan to be in the field working & any questions, training needed, & suggestions

Lead Resources

Under Construction 

Helpful Links

Vector-One Email: help@vector-one.com

Vector-One Phone # 1-800-851-8559



Navy Admiral William H McRaven Commencement Speech

Contracts – Email completed contract along with State License(s), Voided Check, AML Completion Certificate, E&O Insurance to: LauraBarlow@BFILife.com Beth@ascfinalexpense.com

Foresters Contract

CFG Contract 

Mutual of Omaha Contract