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A Caribbean Island Paradise

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Have Fun

Aruba, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Vienna, Maui…Just to name a few of our past company sponsored trips that our agents have enjoyed.

At BFI, we believe consistent effort and hard work should be rewarded!

Make Money

The BFI management team has one goal: Make you our next success story! Our agents do not work for us, we work for you by offering the top training in the final expense industry along with the top commission levels you will find.

Our lead system is second to none; BFI agents have the opportunity to sit down with 10-20 qualified prospects each week!

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Would a career with Barlow Family Insurance be right for you? Do you know someone who is looking for the perfect home to advance their insurance career? If so contact us today! Let’s talk: 1-866-301-1888 or use the form on the bottom of this page to send us your information and we’ll answer all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


What Do We Do?

Working a nine-to-five can have you feeling like you are trading your hours to fund someone else’s dream. We believe that you should get paid what you are worth and work toward your dream!

Our management team provides the first-class training, you have the best lead options, you get to meet with qualified prospects and make 5-10 sales per week!

What’s It Like To Work For Barlow Family Insurance?

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Top Agents For 2019 (Year-To-Date)

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Jay Angel, IN



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Ken H. IN



Training Events:

Our training events are second to none!

You do not want to miss the upcoming events already scheduled, and keep an eye on your inbox to hear about what’s next!

Upcoming Training Available

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2-Day Training Classes

Las Vegas, NV
December 11-12, 2018

New Training Classes will be updated once scheduled 


BFI Weekly Training Call  

Day: Wednesday

Time: 11am EST

A reminder will be sent on the BFI GroupMe Texting.


BFI Personal Calls:

Let your Manager know if you want a 15-minute or a 30-minute personal call for success on a Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly basis so they can get you scheduled for your calls.


Phone: (866) 301-1888

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Would a career with the Barlow Family Insurance Team be right for you? Do you know someone who is looking for the perfect opportunity to advance their insurance career? If so contact us today!