Who is BFI?

Since 2013, Barlow Family Insurance (BFI) has been proud to represent Howe Insurance Services as their number 1 sales team in final expense. We consistently produce leading agents who are brand new to the final expense industry, as well as agents who have struggled to find success elsewhere in insurance sales. Give us your time and effort, and we will show you how to NET $100k-$200k in a year. Brent and Laura Barlow have over 30 years of experience in marketing final expense products and training agents to max-out their potential. They have built this team with a strong vision of focusing on the individual agent, constructing an easy to follow sales system, and working with each agent to implement that system.

BFI agents earn multiple trips every year.

From our Awards Picnic in Orlando to other more exotic locations, BFI agents put into practice “work hard, play hard!”

Our system sets the table for success!


Our success is built on the empowerment of our insurance agents!

What other agencies only “say” they will do, The Barlow’s follow through with. You will never find a couple so dedicated and loyal to the folks they work with! Brent and Laura Barlow have built BFI with the help of Chris Mullis, who before being promoted had been the most successful Regional Vice President in company history. Chris has a strong marketing and sales background, he is a veteran, and loves working with his team of agents and bringing a high level of enthusiasm to the Barlow Family Insurance Team!

BFI’s path to success:

Our Agents come from a variety of backgrounds and previous professions and our management team is dedicated to guiding everyone! Here’s a snapshot of what we do:

  • On Target 1st Yr $65,000 to $150,000+
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring By A Top Producer
  • Fresh Direct Mail Leads
  • Company Profit Sharing
  • Multiple training calls per week
  • Training Schools in a variety of cities, nationwide An opportunity to build a team of agents

A Truly FREE lead system that provides over 100 leads per week (20-40 of those being BRAND NEW LEADS!) to our Earned Lead Agents!

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The companies we represent:

BFI continues to train industry leading agents:

– Full-time Pastor
– Pawn shop owner
– Radio Station Sales
– Medical Device Sales
– Clothing Retail

– Professional Business Coach
– Financial Industry
– Combined Insurance
– Insurance Industry
– Manager for Combined

– College Baseball Coach
– Snowboarding Instructor
– Pharmaceutical sales rep
– Siding and Insulation sales
– Farm Bureau Agency owner

– Scientist
– Accountant
– U.S. Military
– Police officer
– Cable TV sales

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